jQuery.holdReady(false) – errors when invoked

I’m using yepnope.js to conditionally load css and js files into my page.

I’ve merged my JS files into a single file. The structure is as follows:

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  • /* file */
    // - copy pasted Jquery 1.7rc2.min here -
    (function () { console.log("enabled hold"); jQuery.holdReady(true); })();
    // - copy pasted yepnope.min here -
        test: condition,
        load: [css files]
         load:[js files],
         callback: function () {...},
         complete: function () { jQuery.holdReady(false); console.log("hold released");}
    /* end of file */

    and this is the error i get on Google chrome console (version 17.x.x)

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function ( selector, context ) {
            // The jQuery object is actually just the init constructor 'enhanced'
            return new jQuery.fn.init( selector, context );
        } has no method 'holdReady'
    (anonymous function)animatein.js:2
    (anonymous function)

    I read the yepnope bug list and tried alternate menthods like having “holdrelease.js” and only jQuery.holdRelease(false); in it and placing it as the last item in queue. I ended up with the same error.

    can someone explain what’s wrong here, am I missing something important? I’m confused…

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