JavaScript clock based on TimeAPI

I want to create a JavaScript clock based on
The reason is I want to make sure the client-side has the exact the same time as the server.

In svclock(json) it saves year/month/day/hour/…etc in vars
but when I’m trying to put those vars in setHours in my clock fucnction
the clock’s format becomes like this:
instead of 15:27:06.

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    var svtime,svyear,svmonth,svdate,svday,svhour,svmin,svsec,newtime;
    function svclock(json) {
        svtime=new Date(json.dateString);
        //newtime=svyear+'/'+svmonth+'/'+svdate+'('+svday+')'+' '+svhour+':'+svmin+':'+svsec;
    function startTime()
        var today=new Date();
        var h=today.setHours(svhour);
        var m=today.setMinutes(svmin);
        var s=today.setSeconds(svsec);
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <body onload="startTime()">
    <div id="clock"></div>

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