Is there a universal way to “close” a <select> dropdown menu (not .blur() )?

There’s a neat trick you can use to “close” a <select> dropdown menu.


This seems to always work for Chrome and Firefox on Windows. IE works in my actual code, but when I test the jsfiddle code in IE, it doesn’t work. And on a mac, this doesn’t work for any browser. The difference between Mac and Windows is that on Mac, the options are opened in their own element (kinda – inspecting the page shows no new elements). So the dropdown bar hides and comes back, but the new menu with the options aren’t considered a part of $('#test') so they don’t hide. In Windows, the menu with options is considered part of $('#test') so when you hide that, the menu hides along with it.

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  • So the question is, is there a way to “close” a <select> dropdown menu that works in any browser and on any OS?


    I don’t mean using .blur() and this is why. I have some code that emulates a dropdown menu but is actually <select multiple>. So I have just a normal <select> visible and when I click on it, I replace it with an absolutely positioned <select multiple> element. After selecting the options, this goes away and the <select> element comes back. Any help on this would be great.

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    If you change the event from click to focus, it might help:

    $("#test").focus(function () {
        // Your original code
        // or: this.blur();
        // just DON'T call this.focus()

    I haven’t tested it yet but I would imagine, you can just


    or set focus on something else to close it

    Update – oh there you go first commenter has the fiddle

    How about using .blur() on click().. unfortunately I cannot test them all now..



    select is not meant for this, you can however create some other markup to fake the select layout.


  • option 1
  • option 2
  • option 3
  • JS

    $('#test').click(function() {
    }).find('li').not(':first').on('hover',function() {


    ul {
       list-style:none  ;
       border : solid 1px Gray;    
       width: 80px;
       height: 20px;
    } {
     height: 60px;   

    Here’s a demo. You can style the markup as you want.