In JavaScript, is there a way of parsing JSON that turns numbers into strings?

As JavaScript uses floating point maths for all numbers, which does not preserve precision in all cases, I want to parse a JSON object containing numbers but generate strings in the returned JavaScript object rather than number objects. Is there a way to do this using standard or third party libraries?

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    You can do something like this. This may not be a perfect solution (especially the reg expression), but hope it will help you to solve this.

    var json = '{"num1":123.89075576575775676575, "num2":89.5564764646476444844, "num3":56.4353454354353535435435435}';
    json = json.replace(/\d+.\d+/g, function(a, b){ 
        return '\"' + a + '\"';
    console.log($.parseJSON(json )); // I have used jQuery. Any JSON parser can be used

    You can try a regexp, something like:

     var numstrings = JSON.parse(json.replace(/\:([0-9.]+)(,?)/g,':\"$1\"$2'));