How to use undo/redo in CKEditor without toolbar?

I’m using CKEditor 4.2.2 without default toolbar, because I want to use my own toolbar.

CKEditor has UndoManager, which has 4 function which I need: undo(), redo(), undoable(), redoable().

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  • In my html I have:

    <textarea id='doc'>

    In javascript:

    $('#' + textareaId).ckeditor();
    m_Editor = CKEDITOR.instances[textareaId];

    I have tried to to use:

    • m_Editor.undoundefined
    • m_Editor.plugins.undo

    Here is a CKEditor instance for current textarea in console:
    enter image description here

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to use undo/redo in CKEditor without toolbar?”

    CKEditor registers commands which can be executed with CKEDITOR.editor.execCommand. I think that m_Editor.execCommand( 'undo' ) should do the trick for you.

    Bonus: Inspect m_Editor.commands to know what commands are under the hood.