how to Use <c:forEach> in scripts tag on JSP page?

Hey How to use loop in tag in jsp page?

i want to use JSTL data to pass in data tables

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  • my code is like :

            $(document).ready(function() {
                /* Init DataTables */
                var startString = "[";
                var mainString = "";
                var endString = "]";
                var temp = ${k.size()};
            <c:forEach items="${k}" var="stdn" varStatus="status">
                if (temp === 0) {
                    mainString = mainString + "{key:\"" + "${stdn.key}" + "\",name:\"" + "${}" + "\",rollno:\"" + "${stdn.value.rollNo}" + "\",marks:\"" + "${stdn.value.marks}" + "\"}";
                } else {
                    mainString = mainString + "{key:\"" + "${stdn.key}" + "\",name:\"" + "${}" + "\",rollno:\"" + "${stdn.value.rollNo}" + "\",marks:\"" + "${stdn.value.marks}" + "\"},";
                    var finalString = startString + mainString + endString;
                    var final = eval(finalString);

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  • One Solution collect form web for “how to Use <c:forEach> in scripts tag on JSP page?”

    <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="c" %>
    <title><c:forEach>YOUR CODE </title>
    <c:forEach var="i" begin="1" end="5">
       NAME <c:out value="${i}"/><p>

    This would produce following result:

    NAME 1
    NAME 2
    NAME 3
    NAME 4
    NAME 5

    Above is simplest example..
    following is with items var

          <c:forEach var="student" items="${person.person}" varStatus="counter">
              <c:when test="${counter.count % 2 == 0}">
                <c:set var="rowStyle" scope="page" value="odd"/>
                <c:set var="rowStyle" scope="page" value="even"/>
            <tr class="ÃÂ${rowStyle}">

    this way you can use the <c:forEach> </c:forEach> TAG..

    If you have any specific problem then please explain