How to stop protractor from running further testcases on failure?

Is there a way of quitting test suite and stop executing further test cases, if a test case fails in protractor?

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    In case of jasmine testing framework, you are not the first asking about it.

    There are relevant open discussions/issues on exiting after a first failure, --fail-fast option:

    • Bail on first failure
    • –fail-fast option?
    • Please add –fail-fast support

    Long story short, this is an open issue and some day jasmine would have the functionality built-in. Currently, use a third-party jasmine-bail-fast module.

    Aside from that, there is a handy realtimeFailure jasmine setting. If you set it to true it would not fail the whole test run, but it would show errors in a real time – immediately after happening – this can possibly cover your use case. Set it in jasmineNodeOpts:

    exports.config = {
        seleniumAddress: '',
        jasmineNodeOpts: {
            realtimeFailure: true

    jasmine-bail-fast didn’t work in my case. Not sure if it was because of some conflicts with my other report plugins.

    In case anyone is having the same problem. You can try protractor-fast-fail

    exports.config = {
      plugins: [{
        package: 'protractor-fail-fast'
      onPrepare: function() {
      afterLaunch: function() {

    Worked perfectly well for me.

    Here is my solution to skip tests on first fail with Jasmine 2 and Protractor.
    Hope it helps.

    exports.config = {
        onPrepare: function () {
            //skip tests after first fail
            var specs = [];
            var orgSpecFilter = jasmine.getEnv().specFilter;
            jasmine.getEnv().specFilter = function (spec) {
                return orgSpecFilter(spec);
            jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(new function () {
                this.specDone = function (result) {
                    if (result.failedExpectations.length > 0) {
                        specs.forEach(function (spec) {

    you don’t need all those third party plugins. Use native process.exit().

    Code example:

    it("test", function()