How to persist data in a Service Worker

As of now, Chrome does not support passing additional data to push notifications received from GCM. So I have to execute a fetch from my Service Worker whenever I receive a push notification. So far, so good.

But: I need to include a request parameter in my http request executed in fetch. How do I tell the service worker my parameter?

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  • What I’ve tried so far

    Using postMessage to tell my Service Worker the request parameter:

    var serviceWorkerData = {};
    self.addEventListener('message', function (evt) 
        console.log('service worker received',;
        serviceWorkerData =;
    self.addEventListener('push', function(event)
            fetch("http://my.url", {
                method: 'post',
                body: 'myData=' + serviceWorkerData

    Why this is not working

    But this is not persistent, i.e. after I close my browser and open it again, my serviceWorkerData is lost. localStorage is not available within service workers, so how do I get persistence here?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How to persist data in a Service Worker”

    You can use IndexedDB. if you want a simpler interface for IndexedDB.

    You can import the localForage lib in a service worker using importScripts, see for example: