How to get around the CORS issue in Google's API?

I am working on an application where I have to fetch elevation for some points using Google’s elevation API and I am stuck on the infamous CORS problem.

var elevationUrl = ',-104.9847034&key=AIzaSyAgXFgUVR4Nia7pegX_0hcz0aNevCKAa58';

    url: elevationUrl,
    type: 'GET',
    // dataType: 'JSONP',
    success: function(){

For starters I just tried to query a fixed point. When I do this, I get a CORS alert in my browser’s console.

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  • When I tried the dataType: 'JSONP', it works and I get a response from the API but my browser complains that the response has an error in the response which it doesn’t. Basically I am trying to parse JSON as JSONP which is why I am getting the syntax error in the response.

    What is the way around this? How to query the Elevation API via AJAX calls?

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