How to create Facebook Fixed Sidebar with Scroll and Overflow for clicked elements using Bootstrap?

I am running into an issue. I am creating a simple fixed sidebar (similar to Facebook’s sidebar on the right hand side)

In Facebook when you interact with the sidebar 2 things happen

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  • 1) A scrollbar appears when the the contents need to be scrolled
    2) When you hover or click an name a popover appears to the left

    I am having issue with the popover conflict with overflow. As from what I understand to get the sidebar to scroll the overflow must be set to scroll on the parent div, this hiding any elements appearing outside of it.

    I am using Twitter Bootstrap to build my sidebar and have created a JSFiddle here of an working example

    The problem with my example is that when I click on the Icon <i class="icon-cog icon-white"></i> to activate the dropdown-menu, it gets cut off due to the overflow set on the #sidebar div.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to get this working? If possible to do without jQuery and just CSS, great! Otherwise jQuery could work..

    DEMO –

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    This uses bootstrap popover it allows for positioning left so that the options fly out over the menu.

        placement: 'left',
        html: 'true',
        trigger: 'click',
        container: 'body'    

    You could use JQuery Drill Down Ipod Menu