How do I pass login_hint to gapi.auth.authorize?

I seem to recall there was a parameter to gapi.auth.authorize to specify a login_hint to bypass the account picker. But Google as I might, I can’t find it. Was it just a dream?

My problem is that I’m having issues where the account picker is popping under the current window, so is being missed by the user.

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  • Or another way of asking the question might be, how are arguments like login_hint and incremental auth exposed by the Javascript library?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How do I pass login_hint to gapi.auth.authorize?”

    Google’s OAuth 2.0 documentation, under the heading Forming the URL, states that a login_hint parameter is accepted (for example,

    The JavaScript Client Library documentation, under gapi.auth.authorize, states:

    If the key is not one of the expected OAuth 2.0 parameters (see below), it is added to the URI as a query parameter.

    So you should be able to do this:

        // Parameters here...
        'login_hint': '',
        // ...Parameters here
    }, callbackFunc);

    The library will include the login_hint parameter in the request URL.