How do I keep events elements added through a ajax call in jQuery “active”

I’m placing content on my page through an ajax (post) request like so:

$("input#ViewMore").click(function() {
            var data = { before: oldestDate, threadId: 1 };
            $.post("/Message/More", data,function(html) {
                return false;
            return false;

with the html coming back looking something like:

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    This is all working fine and dandy, everything appears as it should, no problems.

    The problem occurs when I have an event hooked into the “quote” anchor that has been added through the ajax call. Specifically, a jQuery event on that anchor does not fire. Why?

    For instance:

    $("#quote).click(function() { ... });

    Does nothing. Acts like there is no event on it. I know it is working on other anchors on the page that were not added through a ajax request, so there is not a code error there, plus if I refresh the page it will then fire correctly. Is there some reason that this is happening, do I need someway to reinitialize that event on the anchor tag somehow? Any ideas?

    Working with jQuery 1.3.1 (didn’t work with 1.2.6 either) so I believe it is my implementation not code itself.

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    You can use Events/live of jQuery 1.3, live will bind a handler to an event for all current – and future – matched elements.

    When the new content is added to the page with Ajax you have to re-register all the events to those new elements.

    Changed to

    $('#quote').live("click", function() { ... } 


    $("input#ViewMore").live("click", function() { ... }

    Doesn’t seem to work

    CMS’s answer helped, but here’s how it ended up:

    The view more button event remained the same as it was outside of the AJAH request that added it:

    $("input#ViewMore").click( function() { ... }

    Elements that had events that were being added in and out of the AJAH request needed to use the live method:

    $('#quote').live("click", function() { ... }

    Works like a charm!