How can I paste an image from the clipboard into a web form?

I found this question, but the question is about how to get an image from the clip board into a wyziwyg editor!

My question is “How can I paste an image from the clipboard into a field (what field is not that big issue as long as it works)”, and then sent to the server.

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  • Jira has this functionality, so it should be possible!

    Any ideas on how to do this?

    Just to explain the complete workflow; I would like to have a plave to multi upload images, where the paste from clipboard also is an option. The upload will be some ajax of some sort, bt is not important in this context!


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    UPDATED 25/11/2014

    As Alistar say you can’t do this with only javascript and html, but wait, is not so simple, depending on what you need you can try different way!

    ..clipboard method only works to put strings on the clipboard. For other
    types of data, such as URLs or images,
    you will need to use a more complex



    Flex / Flash / ActionScript

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    • ActionScript 3.0 – Clipboard




    Clipboard ActiveX for Image Copy/Paste into Web Forms