How can I get gulp to be silent for some tasks (unit tests,vet etc)?

I have some unit test and vet gulp tasks that are triggered on file change.

I want gulp to act like –silent was passed to it when I start those tasks, as gulps default output is cluttering the output, and I do not want to have to specify the argument every time. Is this possible?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “How can I get gulp to be silent for some tasks (unit tests,vet etc)?”

    After some digging in the source code of gulp:
    Gulp inherits Orchestrator that inherits EventEmitter. The global gulp requires the local gulp and attaches some event listeners (task_start and task_stop).

    I stubbed out the handlers for these. This is an AWFULL hack, but it did the trick.

    Solution (put this at the top of your gulpfile.js):

    var gulp = require('gulp');
    var cmd = String(process.argv[2]);
    if (/^((watch|vet|unit-test|integration-test)(:.*)?)$/.test(cmd)) {
        console.warn('Logging silenced');
        var isWatching = /^(watch:.*)$/.test(cmd);
        var firstCall = false; // Do not clear on first run
        var on = gulp.on;
        gulp.on = function (name, handler) {
            if (/^(task_start|task_stop)$/.test(name)) {
                // Do some inspection on the handler
                // This is a ugly hack, and might break in the future
                if (/gutil\.log\(\s*'(Starting|Finished)/.test(handler.toString())) {
                    return; //No operation
            return on.apply(gulp, arguments);
        gulp.on('start', function () {
            // start fires multiple times
            // make sure we only call this once
            if (firstCall) {
                if (isWatching) {
                // Clear console
                // Ref:
                console.log('Started task');
                firstCall = false;
        gulp.on('stop', function () {
            console.log('Task finished');
            firstCall = true;