Hide no image found icon on ie (SVG)

I’ve seen a few questions about hiding the no image found icon on IE for images but not for svg‘s. Basically, my svg looks like:

<image id="svg_full" xlink:href="" y="66" width="600" height="862"/>

Then onClick I add the href attribute to point to an image depending on what I click.

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  • Works fine however, on IE I get the no image found symbol and an outline of the image.

    Is there anyway I can remove this?



    I did what Robert suggested, thanks! My svg now looks like:

    <image id="svg_full" xlink:href="" y="66" width="0" height="862"/>

    Then onClick I just toggle the width to display my svg:

    $('#svg_full').attr('width', '0px');

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Hide no image found icon on ie (SVG)”

    Set the width and height to 0 until you load the image. If the image has no size then IE can’t display the no image found symbol.