Grunt copy a single file

What is the format to specify a single file copy for grunt copy task

                    cwd:'<%= %>',
                    dest:'<%= yeoman.dist %>/scripts/jq.min.js',
                    src: ['components/jq/dist/jq.min.js']

if my dir is A and yeoman.dist is B, this copies the file to

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  • /b/scripts/jq.min.js/components/jq/dist/jq.min.js

    what I want is copy it as /b/scripts/jq.min.js

    how can I do this.

    I see an issue which implements the support.

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    Does this work?

    copy: {
        dev: {
            files: [{
                cwd: '<%= %>/components/jq/dist/',
                src: 'jq.min.js',
                dest: '<%= yeoman.dist %>/scripts/',
                expand: true

    Copy multiple source file locations to a single destination folder use flatten.

    copy: {
        dev: {
            files: [{
                cwd: '<%= %>',
                src: ['/components/jq/dist/jq.min.js','/components/jq/dist/jq2.min.js', '/components/bs/dist/bs.js'],
                dest: '<%= yeoman.dist %>/scripts/',
                expand: true,
                flatten: true