Google Maps API V3 DirectionsService not exact end point

i´m having a problem with the DirectionsService.

I want to show a route to some place that doesn´t have map, so, i made some piece of the route “by hand” (javascript markers and polygons). The problem presents when i request the route from one direction to the intersection of a route (point with latitude and longitude), the route show by the DirectionsService doesn´t end exactly in the point indicated. To visualize this i prepare a fiddle:
Personalized route

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  • The expected end point is {-30.745418, -59.580419} (the intersection between the two roads), but Google traces the route much to the north. Trying different coordinate, the trace moves away to the south or east, but never in the point i want.

    If i move the marker “B” to the coordinates with the mouse, the route traces correctly, but i cannot make it automatic. Can´t figure out how make the route to the exact point o “drag” the marker by javascript. Hope someone knows the answer.

    I Hope my explanation was understandable.

    Edit: Google fix this problem in new version of Google Maps API

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