Google Closure Compiler parse error: invalid property id for `css({float:'left'})`

I’m using Google Closure Compiler application (command line interface). When I run it I get the below error.

deploy/js/Home.js:40: ERROR - Parse error. invalid property id
    this.$images.wrapAll('<div id="slideInner"></div>').css({float:'left'});

1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

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    I believe that you need to do:


    This is because float is on the list of Java keywords reserved by JavaScript, so it cannot be used as a property name. This may no longer be an issue in newer JS engines, but it can be a problem in older ones, which is why the Compiler yields an error.

    If you already have tons of soy files, and don’t want to change everthing in every soy file, you can pass a flag to the compiler:


    It worked out well for me.