forEach over es6 Map in JSX

I had a javascript array that was rendering components using I switched this array to an es6 Map in order to be able to use key-value pairs to find items more easily, and switched from a .map to a forEach over the Map. Inside the forEach I call a render method that returns a React component, but it isn’t being rendered. How do I render a component inside the forEach?

<div className='gallery__items'>
    {resultsByGuid.forEach((result, index) => {
        this.renderGalleryItem(result, key);

Here is the renderGalleryItem method:

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  • renderGalleryItem = (item, index) => {
        const { gridItemSelected, itemThumbnailRequested } = this.props;
        return (<GalleryItem key={index}

    I understand that forEach doesn’t return anything but does that mean I can’t render inside it?

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    You are correct, forEach doesn’t return anything, use map instead, it will return an array of JSX components.

    Map will allow you to access the key as well:, key) => { })

    Edit I apologize for jumping the gun and not reading that you were using a Map data structure. forEach won’t render anything because you need the return value, you could implement your own like iterator:

    const mapIterator = (map, cb) => {
      const agg = [];
      for(let [key, value] of map) {
        agg.push(cb(value, key));
      return agg;
    <div className='gallery__items'>
      {mapIterator(resultsByGuid, (result, index) => {
        return this.renderGalleryItem(result, key);

    Edit 2 And thanks to @zerkms for pointing out what should’ve been obvious to me:

    <div className='gallery__items'>
      {Array.from(resultsByGuid.values()).map((result, index) => {
        return this.renderGalleryItem(result, key);

    If you call .entries() on your map you will get an insertion ordered array which for every key/value pair contains an array with the structure: [key, value]

    So you could just do:

    <div className='gallery__items'>
      {resultsByGuid.entries().map((result) => {
        return this.renderGalleryItem(result[1], result[0]);

    I am still wondering, if there’s a simpler solution though.

    another option, where options is an es6 Map() ..

        [...options].map((entry) => {
          let key = entry[0]
          let value = entry[1]
          return <option key={ key } value={ key }>{ value }</option>