Convert HTML to plain text in JS without browser environment

I have a CouchDB view map function that generates an abstract of a stored HTML document (first x characters of text). Unfortunately I have no browser environment to convert HTML to plain text.

Currently I use this multi-stage regexp

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  • html.replace(/<style([\s\S]*?)<\/style>/gi, ' ')
        .replace(/<script([\s\S]*?)<\/script>/gi, ' ')
        .replace(/(<(?:.|\n)*?>)/gm, ' ')
        .replace(/\s+/gm, ' ');

    while it’s a very good filter, it’s obviously not a perfect one and some leftovers slip through sometimes. Is there a better way to convert to plain text without a browser environment?

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    This regular expression works:

    text.replace(/<[^>]*>/g, '');

    Converter HTML to plain text like Gmail:

    html = html.replace(/<style([\s\S]*?)<\/style>/gi, '');
    html = html.replace(/<script([\s\S]*?)<\/script>/gi, '');
    html = html.replace(/<\/div>/ig, '\n');
    html = html.replace(/<\/li>/ig, '\n');
    html = html.replace(/<li>/ig, '  *  ');
    html = html.replace(/<\/ul>/ig, '\n');
    html = html.replace(/<\/p>/ig, '\n');
    html = html.replace(/<br\s*[\/]?>/gi, "\n");
    html = html.replace(/<[^>]+>/ig, '');

    If you can use jQuery :

    var html = jQuery('<div>').html(html).text();

    With TextVersionJS ( you can convert your HTML to plain text. It’s pure javascript (with tons of RegExps) so you can use it in the browser and in node.js as well.

    In node.js it looks like:

    var createTextVersion = require("textversionjs");
    var yourHtml = "<h1>Your HTML</h1><ul><li>goes</li><li>here.</li></ul>";
    var textVersion = createTextVersion(yourHtml);

    (I copied the example from the page, you will have to npm install the module first.)

    It’s pretty simple, you can also implement a “toText” prototype:

    String.prototype.toText = function(){
        return $(html).text();
    //Let's test it out!
    var html = "<a href=\"\">link</a>&nbsp;<br /><b>TEXT</b>";
    var text = html.toText();
    console.log("Text: " + text); //Result will be "link TEXT"