Ckfinder & Ckeditor in Symfony2 with no bundle

I would like to simply use Ckfinder with Ckeditor in Symfony2 without any bundle.

Ckeditor works well already, and Ckfinder is matched with my Ckeditor’s textarea. But, when I want to add a picture from the server, I have this error : "The file browser is disabled for security reasons. Please contact your system administrator and check the CKFinder configuration file."

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  • I didn’t configure at all the Ckfinder, just gave 0777 rights to the ckfinder/userfiles directory.

    What I have to do next ?

    PS : already looked on the internet, on!/guide/dev_ckeditor and on guides. Easy for normal PHP website, but different for a Symfony2 one.

    INFO : I just import the ckfinder and the ckeditor directories in /Resources/public/js directory of my Bundle.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Ckfinder & Ckeditor in Symfony2 with no bundle”

    You have to configure the CKFinder using this guide.
    This message is displayed because you have to add some sort of authentication to you installation.