Chart.js – y axis custom label

I have simple line graph which is show some progress. There are dates on x-axis a and status (1 to 5) on y-axis. Data will always be from 1 to 5. But what I need is to change labels on y-axis (and labels on point hover too) from numbers to showing progress by text string. For example where is 1 a I need text string with “request added”, on 2 “request viewed”, on 3 “request accepted” on 4 “request solved” and on 5 “solving confirmed”. I think there is no native way to achieve this, but maybe someone will know how to edit Chart.js to make it.

Here is a picture how it looks now, with these number: screenshot

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  • Sorry for my english and thx for any help!

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    You can use the scaleLabel function. Have a look here

    scaleLabel: function (valuePayload) {
    return 'request added';
    return 'request viewed';
    return 'request accepted';
    return 'request solved';
    return 'solving confirmed';