Change the folder location for Angular ui-bootstrap templates

I am trying to use ui-bootstrap.min.js with the external templates.

The error I am getting is:

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    I would like for every page, for every template, it to look for my templates under:


    but I cannot seem to find where I could change the location where this is pointing to.

    Anyone know how to make this change?

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    Per this issue on github, the templateUrl is not configurable. You could change the templateUrl property in each directive definition

    .directive('accordion', function () {
        return {
            transclude: true,
            replace: false,
            templateUrl: 'template/accordion/accordion.html'

    but that would be brittle and hard to maintain. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they’re going to make this configurable – but the thread is an interesting read.

    This can be handled using $provide.decorator

    Read more about this issue:

    myApp.config(function($provide) {
      $provide.decorator('datepickerDirective', function($delegate) {
        //array of datepicker directives
        $delegate[0].templateUrl = "my/datepicker.html";
        return $delegate;

    Update: I’ve tested this solution and it does work for other templates as well, and only requires those small changes to app.js. I’ve tested this now with timepicker.html and day.html, defining a decorator for timepickerDirective and daypickerDirective. The latter is used to override the calendar table display. The templateUrl path is relative to your app folder, in my case it was “partials/fragments/day.html”.

    Another alternative without changing code is to add some sort of virtual server directory that maps /Place/template to your actual location of /js/app/template/

    The implementation of virtual directories is obviously in your server platform of choice.