Can I control where CKEditor finds plugins to load?

I’m writing a CKEditor plugin specific to my Web app. Until now, I’ve successfully kept my own files outside of the CKEditor code structure, but the only documentation I can find about the plugin creation process (being a user-made tutorial, no less) says to just shoehorn my plugin code into ckeditor/_source/plugins.

Is this really the only way to go? Am I stuck with commingling my code with CKEditor release code, or is there a way to tell it where to load plugins from? A PLUGINPATH setting, if you will?

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    Looking at the tutorial you posted, I see that the section called Plugin Configuration uses CKEDITOR.plugins.add to load the plugin resources. Have you tried using CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal instead? The API documentation for it can be found here.

    You want to load the uncompressed, unpacked plugins to load for debugging purposes right?

    Just do this. Refer ckeditor_source.js instead of ckeditor.js. That way your created plugin inside the ckeditor/_source/plugins will run.

    Read Minimum Setup for CKEditor with a microscope 🙂
    There is a line like this here

    _source — this directory contains CKEditor source code. It is needed
    only if you intend to use the
    ckeditor_source.js script and load
    CKEditor from source files.

    Too little documentation for a wonderful editor!


    And inside the wonderful tutorial link you have provided, George Wu has mentioned that in the first paragraph also.

    During development, you will want to
    execute from source code by using
    ckeditor_source.js instead of

    Now, create
    folder and plugin.js under that

    BTW, I found Tutorial create external plugin for CKEDITOR helpful too.