Best javascript combo box?

A combo box is an auto-complete text box that is also a dropdown (i.e., you can choose from a list if you prefer).

“Best” means combination of: stable, look/feel, API / customizability, maturity.

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    I like the Yahoo UI Autocomplete widget. It does not provide the dropdown natively, but a dropdown button can be added with a few lines of code.

    ExtJS has a very powerful combo box that provides dropdown, auto-complete, and filtering of choices. You can also enable pagination,

    There are a number of extensions that provide additional capabilities, such as a Facebook style multi-select, or multi-select checkboxes.

    This is of course a subjective question, but I have good experiences on with’s autocompleter (API docs here). It’s been around for quite a while, browser support is excellent, you can customize look and feel, etc.

    Note that depends on Prototype.

    Surely autocomplete and combo boxes serve two similar, but different purposes:

    • Autocomplete; select one from a very long list (i.e. too long to scroll through)
    • ComboBox; select one from a relatively short list (i.e. one that is easy to scroll through

    How many items do you have in your list?