Backbone.js – Other frameworks that provide Collections

I am inclined to BackboneJs for mvc structuring javascript files now. I am quite happy with the current setup and i would like to now improve my knowledge of other javascript frameworks available that is tiny in it’s core like Backbonejs, provides collection to manage array of models like Bb does. I tried SpineJs, SammyJs with simple app but i think they are quite lacking something which i am unable to identify currently. Which other frameworks have i got at my disposal, also is there a way to emulate collections in either of the above said libraries.

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    Your question deserve a 4 pages answer….

    to make it short:

    1. have a look here for a plethora of others frameworks
      review. Also here is a good place to have a look
    2. please
      specify some more of your rquirements (ok for handling of
      collections). For instance, backbone.js is great when used with
      restful DBs like couchdb (really, a 5 minutes work, I use it–)
    3. some months ago, when I had to decide which framework to choose for
      my app, I was in your same situation. I had to choose among
      angularjs, knockout, and backbone.js The choice falled on
      backbone.js and I never regretted it.

    hope this helps.

    TaffyDB is the closest that I can think in dealing with collection of js objects. It has a database – like api in dealing with js objects. However, you have to

    • convert spinejs’ to json before inserting to taffy db
    • taffyDB does not provide way to synchronize data to server

    It seems too much of a work, though I’ve suggested it in case it may be useful to you.

    Models in SpineJS have some basic Collection functionality.
    Check out the Model Relationships guide on the SpineJS website.