String replace values recursively in json

I have a json object such as: var json = { “title”: “Math Symbols: ¬”, “sections”: [ “The ¬ symbol”, “¬ and y” ] }; I need to replace all instances of the “¬” character with something that looks like the Mathematical symbol for x: sample. Side note: I can’t use that actual symbol (html […]

Meta tag and javascript browser redirection – which has priority?

I’m developing in PHP, using Curl to follow links to their final destination. I occasionally reach a page with a meta tag redirection or a javascript redirection, and want to be smart enough to follow them. If a page has both, which should I follow (i.e., which would fire first)? Sample meta tag refresh: <meta […]

Why javascript shows 0 length for array with object property instead of indexed element

For Example: var arr = []; arr[3.4] = 1; console.log(arr.length); In the above code sample the length property holds zero why and what happened inside JS parser because it’s length is zero.

making sure my array of random values doesn't contain duplicate values

I was wondering if anyone can advise how I can make sure the random array I’m generating from another array doesn’t contain duplicate values, want to make sure that arr2 contains unique values? JS var limit = 5, i = 0, arr1 = [12, 14, 67, 45, 8, 45, 56, 8, 33, 89], arr2 = […]

confused about this javascript behavior in closures

Geting a bit more into Javascript and OO programming but I’m not understanding this behavior here of what why my ojbect (myUser cannot access the property this.first_name as ‘jon’ and is instead undefined (hilighted in red in screen shot at bottom). Here’s the code fragment in question: function User(first_name, last_name){ this.first_name=first_name; this.last_name=last_name; } // left […]

Angular JS ionic search box with clear field button

My app is using ionic and angular js.. I am trying to add a clear button for the search, but Its not working?.. my Code is: HTML: <div class=”item item-input-inset”> <label class=”item-input-wrapper”> <input type=”text” placeholder=”Search” ng-model=”search”> </label> <button class=”button ion-android-close input-button button-small” ng-click=”clearSearch()” ng-if=”search.length”> </button> </div> APP.JS $scope.clearSearch = function() { $ = ”; }; […]

Thymeleaf – Iterating over a model attribute inside Javascript code

I’m trying to write some Javascript code where I need to use a model attribute. Here is how I define the script tag: <script type=”text/javascript” th:inline=”javascript”> /*<![CDATA[*/ //need some loops /*]]>*/ </script> What I need to do is, using each iterations over model attributes inside the script. So far I couldn’t manage to do this […]

How to send js variables to mvc controller

I`m new to client-server programming concepts. What I need, to send four js vars to my MVC 3 controller action. $(document).ready(function() { var $jcrop; $(‘#image’).Jcrop({ bgColor: ‘red’, onSelect: refreshData }, function () { $jcrop = this; }); function refreshData(selected) { myData = { x1: selected.x1, x2: selected.x2, y1: selected.y1, y2: selected.y2 }; } }); So […]

json_encode returns &quot;

This question already has an answer here: laravel escaping all HTML in blade template 6 answers

Passing a string value from c# file to js file

I am trying to pass a string value from c# file to js file. If I try to pass an int value, then I can pass it, but I am unable to pass string value. string value = “abc”; int a=5; TableCell.Attributes.Add(“onclick”, “F1(“+value +”)”); //NOTHING HAPPENS TableCell.Attributes.Add(“onclick”, “F1(“+a +”)”); //Works Perfectly js file function F1(value) […]